What Is Ott Contract Penalty

Cox doesn`t require contracts for internet-only plans, but they charge an additional $10/month if you want a no-contract service. Cox offers a variety of Internet-only plans, including a prepaid basic plan without a contract. All Cox plans have enough bandwidth downstream to support streaming TV on OTT services such as Netflix and YouTube TV. Most Cox plans have 1-year contracts, including basic plans on the Internet only. “Protected Information” means any information, technical data or know-how in any form, including, but not limited to, documented information, machine-readable or interpreted information, information contained in physical components, mask works and works of art, such as OTT HydroMet Corp. considered exclusive or proprietary, including, but not limited to, OTT HydroMet Corp.`s service and maintenance manuals. Buyer and its customers, employees and agents will keep confidential all such proprietary information obtained directly or indirectly from OTT HydroMet Corp. and will not transfer, disclose or use it for the manufacture, procurement, maintenance or calibration of products or similar products without the prior written consent of OTT HydroMet Corp. or cause such products to be manufactured, maintained or calibrated from another source or without the prior written consent of OTT HydroMet Corp., or reproduce or otherwise appropriate them without the prior written consent of OTT HydroMet Corp.

All such proprietary information remains the property of OTT HydroMet Corp. No right or license is hereby granted to Buyer or its customers, employees or agents, expressly or implicitly, with respect to the Protected Information or any patent, patent application or other proprietary right of OTT HydroMet Corp., except for limited use licenses implied by law. As part of the services provided by OTT HydroMet Corp., buyer agrees to provide immediate access to the Equipment. The buyer assumes full responsibility for securing its data before providing services or protecting it against loss, damage or destruction. The buyer is the operator and has full control of its premises, including areas where OTT HydroMet Corp. employees or contractors perform service, repair and maintenance activities. The Buyer will ensure that all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of working conditions, premises and facilities when providing services. The buyer is the producer of all waste generated, including but not limited to hazardous waste. The buyer is solely responsible for the disposal of the waste at his own expense. Buyer shall, at its own expense, provide OTT HydroMet Corp.`s employees and contractors working on Buyer`s premises with all required information and training in accordance with applicable safety regulations and Buyer`s policies.

If the instrument to be serviced is in a limited space, as that term is defined in OSHA regulations, the purchaser is solely responsible for making it available for maintenance in an unrestricted space. OTT HydroMet Corp.`s service technicians do not work in confined spaces. In the event that a Buyer requires employees or contractors of OTT HydroMet Corp. to participate in safety or compliance training programs offered by the Purchaser, the Purchaser must pay OTT HydroMet Corp. the standard hourly rate and reimbursement for such training. Participation in or completion of such training does not create or extend any warranty or obligation of OTT HydroMet Corp. and is not intended to modify, supplement, limit or replace any part of this Agreement. HYDROMET CLOUD and customer`s website, including all intellectual property rights created or developed thereunder under this Agreement, are, remain and remain the sole and exclusive property of OTT HydroMet Corp. and/or its licensors or suppliers. Neither the Customer, nor its employees, administrators, authorized users nor agents may assert or claim any proprietary rights in HYDROMET CLOUD or the Customer`s website.

Cancellation fees are common in service industries such as mobile services, subscription TV, etc., where they are often referred to as early cancellation fees (ETFs). For example, a customer who purchases cellular service could sign a two-year contract that includes a $350 fee if the customer breaks the contract. .