What Is a Approval Definition

Most of her friends did not find her father`s approval. He tried to contact a doctor in the Republic to cancel the nurse and get permission to pay. By July, the president`s approval rating had risen to more than 60 percent. Ully nodded in agreement and scribbled notes on his iPad. Those who approve of their communities tolerate what is hostile to his government and therefore act as his enemies. Vreeland believes that in the end, her grandmother put her subtle seal of approval on her lifestyle. She pressed her hands more firmly on her breast; His eyes sparkled with a strange approval of this quick act. This happened after we received binding legal advice from the judiciary and approval from the White House to move forward. Their ideas about the family are often cited with Mr.

Bush`s approval. He would never have given in to the store, but he wasn`t used to hearing a whisper of approval as loud as the opposition greeted. Children are constantly looking for signs of their parents` consent. “The approval process is too slow and cumbersome,” Rogers said. When a woman has the blessing of her parents to marry, her consent to marriage is an example of consent. The City News Service reports that any recommendation proposed by the South County Environmental Justice Task Force to clean up the Tijuana River Valley would first need to be approved by regulators. Lucas introduced a bill in its first session to carry out this reform, but was rejected at the request to send the bill to England for approval by the Privy Council; and he insisted on the independent. What they say is, “We don`t tolerate violence, but you know what? It could also be argued that the wording of the Municipal Code, approved in 1974, sets a more subjective standard for what constitutes an injury in an emergency. Get the nod to get approval or confirmation; can be selected. In this expression, the nod of the head “a slight rapid tilt of the head as in consent or command” is used more often than literally figuratively. A variant is the nod of the head. The board of directors finally approved the loan.

The socialist reads criticisms such as the above with impatient approval. Other vaccines will almost certainly hit the market that require only one injection — Johnson & Johnson`s single-dose vaccine is already going through the final stage of federal approval. All recommendations require shareholder approval. approving, supporting, sanctioning, accrediting, certifying means having or expressing a positive opinion. Approval often involves nothing more than that, but can indicate considerable appreciation or admiration. Parents accept confirmation of marriage and suggest an explicit statement of support. Publicly supporting them for Senate sanction involves both approval and authorization. covert operations sanctioned by the accreditation and certification of the president usually involve official confirmation of compliance with established standards. The board voted for the accreditation of the college must be certified to teach We sent the design to the planning department for approval. I would be happy if Her Majesty were satisfied and satisfied, just as I would like to obtain your approval in all respects. With Fred`s consent, he rushed to the old man`s room to start his computer and do it. They should get court approval to bring their children home.

No one can remove a person`s liver without authorization for medical purposes. After a larger paper on the slave group known as GU272 failed, Short-Colomb said, she and lab officials went to the university administration and got approval for their project. She set the settings and waited for the approval screen. In the same way that a liver cannot be removed from a body without permission for medical purposes, neural data should also not be deleted. The Senate unanimously approved the bill on Wednesday, and the House of Representatives is also expected to act quickly on the measure. The action you were trying to take required permissions that your account doesn`t have. Try to log in as a different user. Ramone, who turned to religion while trying to get rid of drugs, would probably agree (and laugh a little too). Amen Corner A clique of ardent believers or ardent disciples, so called from the place in a church, usually near the pulpit, occupied by those who lead the reactive “Amen”. A person in the Amenecke is, figuratively speaking, a student or devotee; Often a yes-man or a sycophant toad.

The term is typically American today, but it may well have come from the Amen corner of Paternoster Row in London, the supposed point where the Corpus Christi procession reached the “Amen” of “Father Noster.” Some vaccines that have been approved, such as the measles vaccine, have identified a protective immune correlate, while others do not. Why do “left” and “right” mean liberal and conservative? The problem was that the FDA refused to approve new ingredients for use in sunscreens year after year. As far as this is concerned, as well as any other matter instilled in them, their conscience will approve or condemn them. She was a very nice girl; I wonder if the nurse would approve of it. He said the committee voted to approve and present the name of the Capital Stonewall Democrats, a “name that reflects both who we are as an organization and indicates the community we serve,” Frazier told the Blade. 14. 3 Although players are not allowed to socialize in other people`s hotel rooms, they are still allowed to mingle in team-approved social lounges. Paul L. Troast got the wink of the G.O.P. and beat his closest rival. by more than 53,000 votes.

(The Wall Street Journal, April 23, 1953) If it is followed without criticism, phrases like this arise: the board of directors immediately voted to approve the casino. “The Commission did not ask Mr. Wright to approve inaccurate reports on the completion of the wells,” the letter reads. If the problem persists, please visit our Help Center and let us know. I have shown your account of your beating, and Sir John Sinclair and Mr. – vote very well. We have temporarily prevented your IP address from accessing Vocabulary.com because we have detected behavior that violates our Terms of Service. If you believe that we have blocked you by mistake, please email us at support@vocabulary.com and let us know. Be sure to provide your current IP address, which you can obtain by clicking here. I do not agree with the fact that women give us such broad indications. .