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OpSec`s modular suite of digital tax stamping solutions has been proven to successfully combat this illicit trade, increase excise tax revenues, and enable governments to meet their obligations under the FCTC`s ITP protocol. Wholesalers can use existing equipment for tax stamp application and inventory control, including tracking with VeriTrace`s Track & Trace thermal stamps. This eliminates the need for wholesalers to maintain two different types of inventory while providing tracking and tracing capabilities to the government agency. Revenue management is a process that requires the integration of multi-layered physical security features. Preventing illicit trade is important throughout the supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer. The first day of the conference is devoted to exploring the bigger picture and discussing the main drivers of government policy and regulation, as well as best practices in the development and implementation of tax stamping programs. The World Health Organization`s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) is changing the way tobacco products are labelled and tracked throughout the supply chain. OpSec`s excise stamping solutions can provide all the elements of an independent, FCTC-compliant track and trace solution, including UID requirements management, production monitoring, product aggregation, supply chain management, and application reporting. OpSec is a global leader in tax stamp security and authentication systems that enable governments to protect their revenues and security. The OpSec® Insight mobile app is capable of providing live and dynamic supply chain data to law enforcement officers, as well as authenticating specific security features in the tax buffer, all using standard iOS or Android mobile phone technology. Our stamps are integrated into a Track & Trace solution that enables online and offline verification as well as supply chain monitoring. Our control brands feature a complex, multi-layered security design with up to 25 different security features, including multi-factor authentication. VeriTrace offers alcohol tax stamps to increase government revenues while preventing crimes such as counterfeiting, distraction, etc.

Like tax stamps on cigarettes, tax stamps on alcohol are expertly designed to maximize tax collection while preventing the sale of counterfeit products. OpSec`s secure tax stamps are manufactured through the combination of banknote-level security printing and Optically Variable Device (OVD) technology, which provide state-of-the-art security features at an open, hidden and forensic level. On the second day, we will take a closer look at the specific authentication and supply chain security solutions available, as well as their practical implementation in control stamping programs around the world. Governments that lose billions of dollars in lost revenue each year can protect themselves and this precious source of revenue by using tax stamps as a way to collect taxes and prove payment. And the same vehicle also protects the interests of other stakeholders, including economic operators, consumers and public health institutions, through proof of authenticity and secure traceability. The International Tax Stamp Association is a non-profit organization founded in November 2015 that advocates for a better understanding of the benefits of tax stamps and tax stamp technology and promotes high professional standards through education, research and advocacy, as well as the development and promotion of best practices. The result is a fast, reliable, and reliable mobile application solution that ensures that any effort to replicate or emulate a buffer is immediately highlighted in the mobile query. As taxes on cigarettes and tobacco increase, the incentive for counterfeit tax stamps also increases. States, in turn, lose tax revenues. California was the first state to require new forgery-resistant tax stamps in 2005.3 These new high-tech tax stamps may have one or more of the following features: • Protection of encryption in the tax stamp to stop counterfeiting.

• Readability thanks to portable scanners for a more effective and efficient application. • Color-changing dyes to make counterfeiting more difficult. • Tamper-proof surface sections to make them difficult to remove or modify. • Unique serial number.4 It is no longer enough to inspect certain tax stamps and not the entire lot. If these barcodes are incorrectly printed, missing or duplicated, or if the tax stamp is incorrectly applied to the product, it can lead to tracking and authentication issues that can ultimately undermine the entire Track & Trace system. To be compliant, each individual tax stamp must be inspected and verified with the associated unique identifier. Only an automated inspection system offers 100% accuracy and integrity to keep up with today`s high-speed production methods. OpSec`s optical security experts work with our local partners and government authorities to ensure that the ideal security features are selected, providing comprehensive training and tools to enable effective authentication of all stamps within the supply chain. Paper stamps are traditionally applied labels that have hidden markers.

Authentix is able to integrate its secret machine-readable functions, forensic functions, open security documents and encrypted barcode solutions into one of these control stamping program approaches. ITSA is recognized by state regulators and tax authorities at the national and regional levels and is recognized as an authoritative voice for the tax stamp community. We currently have 24 members from 15 different countries and there are more and more! VeriTrace`s cigarette tax brands feature powerful designs. Using a combination of paper, wax, adhesives and other exclusive features never before seen in the printing industry, we create unprecedented and secure tax stamps. OpSec has nearly 40 years of experience implementing high security solutions for government customers. This expertise ensures that each tax stamping program is led by project managers and technical staff who fully understand the global tax stamp market and have proven implementation experience. We showcase our highest security solutions with our new ANY tax stamp samples. Within two years of the new legislation, including encrypted tax stamps, California experienced a 37% decrease in tax evasion on cigarettes and an increase in tax revenue of $110 million.5 When .B a licensed seller (e.g., manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler) paid the state`s excise tax on tobacco products, he receives a stamp from the State which he can affix to tobacco products for retail sale. Essentially, tax stamps are proof of payment of the tax. Tax stamps have been required in the past since excise duties were first levied on tobacco products, in the same way that stamps are used on other licenses and products that regulate states (e.g., B hunting, sale of alcohol).

Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico currently require a tax stamp on tobacco products. It is illegal in these states to sell tobacco products without tax stamps. Verify the application of tax stamps on cigarette packages Our inspection systems also monitor and verify that each tax stamp has been correctly applied to the cigarette package on a packaging line and ensures that the UID is legible. The objective of the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum is to bring together government excise and customs authorities, investigators and law enforcement agencies, regulators, manufacturers and other excise products and distributors, security printers, supply chain specialists and integrators, authentication and serialization technology providers, and system integrators for gather the latest developments in tax stamping and traceability systems. to get to know each other and discuss each other. on requirements, best practices and solutions. Authentix offers technologies that can support a variety of control stamping programs, such as .B. traditional programs that rely on basic secure tax stamps, digital excise duty collection programs where a unique, encrypted code is printed directly on the item, or hybrid tax stamp programs where a tax stamp contains an encrypted barcode in addition to a collection of open and hidden security features. .