How to Get a Contract at Vodacom

Data usage, bundles, and pricing plans apply to standard consumer APNs unless otherwise noted. New customers or customers of upgrade, recharge and uChoose contracts will be subject to a credit check prior to approval. All postpaid offers are subject to the signing of a 24-month Vodacom contract and a one-time SIM card and R204 login fee, unless otherwise stated. International calls and roaming are excluded from all services unless otherwise specified. Downward migrations and cancellations may incur penalty fees. Monthly allowances included in your pricing plan cannot be transferred. Invoicing and duration of the contract. V-Sim is a 30-day continuous subscription that automatically renews every 30 days, unless cancelled. Your V by Vodacom fee guide provides up-to-date information on available rates. We will provide you with the right plan depending on the device you want to connect. Your subscription fees will either (i) be added to your Vodacom mobile phone bill; or (ii) if available, in connection with non-Vodacom mobile customers charged to your debit/credit card.

The first payment is charged when the device is activated (then 30 days) 8. Finally, click on “Next” and follow the simple instructions on the next page to submit your mobile phone contract application. Vodacom Mobile Phone Contract is a service that allows vodacom customers to buy a mobile phone and pay for it over 12 or 24 months with a monthly fee to be paid by the customer. Please note that additional insurance terms apply to all Vodacom device offerings that include insurance products. Visit for comprehensive insurance conditions or contact 082 1952 if you have any questions about insurance. A few important points to keep in mind: *For your insurance policy to remain active, your Vodacom subscription must always be up to date. If the SIM card listed is not in the insured device at the time of the damage, loss or theft, the device is NOT covered and your claim will be rejected. Vodacom Device Insurance is underwritten by Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited and operated by Finrite Administrators (Pty) Ltd, a free standard financial delivery allowed for all contracts and orders over R600 You do not necessarily need to be an existing Vodacom customer before you can purchase a mobile phone with a contract with Vodacom. Vodacom coverage is optional and the monthly premium is R6.99. It covers the balance of your subscription to the Vodacom contract in the event of death.

This benefit is paid to Vodacom (Pty) Ltd to fulfil your estate`s contractual obligation to Vodacom (Pty) Ltd. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 63 years of age. Coverage ends automatically when you reach your 65th birthday or when the benefit is paid in the event of death or on the day your subscription contract with Vodacom (Pty) Ltd. Ends. Please note that if coverage ends under this policy, it will have no current value. You can cancel coverage at any time by sending an SMS with the keywords “CONCOVOFF” to 31050 or by calling 082 135. Visit for full terms and conditions. Vodacom Contract Cover is underwritten by Vodacom Insurance Company (RF) Limited. To buy a mobile phone under contract from Vodacom, you need a few documents and are almost there to get your new phone. With the Vodacom mobile phone contract, you can get the last phone of your choice, provided that Vodacom has it on its contract mobile phone list.

Customers will be charged for the amount of data sent and received, not for the time they spent on the connection, unless otherwise agreed. The transmission speed is not guaranteed and depends on the availability of the network and the capacity of the device. A compatible device is required to use LTE, 3G and HSDPA services. Prepaid, top-up, and uChoose customers must ensure that their Airtime account balance is sufficient for downloads or other activities. Customers will not receive a refund if they try to download items and run out of money during this download, resulting in the end of the session. Data packets: All unique data plans are valid until 11:59 p.m. on the 30th day from the day of purchase included. Monthly recurring data plans (unless otherwise specified) are available for up to 60 days or until the end of the following calendar month. Once customers have exhausted their data packets or expired, the off-plan rate per MB is applied in accordance with their pricing plan. For more information on your non-package rate per MB, please see the terms and conditions of your applicable pricing plans. Datasets apply only to the use of national data; No roaming data usage will be inferred from the available data packets.

Night Owl Data: Night Owl data plans are available for use between midnight and 05:00. Prepaid and hybrid can purchase Night Owl data plans, while postpaid customers who purchase recurring data plans will receive a Night Owl allowance as part of their plan. Please also note that 24-month data contracts receive a monthly Night Owl plan allowance in their contract. Data Sharing SIM Cards (DSS): Each Data Sharing SIM Card (DSS) is subject to a one-time SIM and login fee, as well as a monthly subscription fee for the service. Customers with Vodacom`s Red/Red+ pricing plans will not be charged this fee for the first two data sharing SIM cards while remaining on a Red/Red+ plan. The data is consumed according to the LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) principle. The last bundle purchased or activated is the first bundle consumed. All other available batches are then consumed in chronological order. Recurring monthly data plans on contract uChoose or Recharge are prorated (data assignment and costs) in the month of purchase and the full allocation only takes place on the first of the following calendar month. For monthly recurring data plans on prepaid, the full allocation (dates and costs) is applied on the day of purchase, and recurring allocations take place every 30 days from the date of purchase included. For single plans, full data assignment and associated costs are applied at the time of purchase. Wi-Fi plans can only be used in an AlwaysOn or G-Connect Wi-Fi hotspot.

Customers need a Wi-Fi enabled device and a Vodacom Single Sign-On username and password to log in. This can be done by signing up for Wi-Fi packages can also be used on some domestic flights departing from Mango. Packages must be purchased prior to boarding the aircraft The terms and conditions apply to all contractual, charging, uChoose and prepaid fare plans and offers. Visit for full terms and conditions or request a copy from the store. Amway Vodacom Direct Partnership PV Ratio: R81.00 = 1 PV or prorated As an Amway business owner, you are invited to be part of the Vodacom family. The Amway Vodacom direct partnership offers you the opportunity to earn PV! WHAT CAN I EARN PV FOR? • Mobile services – on monthly subscription costs and local calls. .