Example Cover Letter for Settlement Agreement

This letter, which accompanies a settlement agreement, is a cover letter informing the employee that he or she must seek independent legal advice as part of the agreement. Use this sample letter as a cover letter if you want an employee to sign a settlement agreement. Discover the power of XpertHR`s employment guidelines and best practices at your fingertips. Discover thousands of up-to-date resources to help you increase productivity, build confidence in HR decisions, and implement your business strategies. Discover the power of our experts, trusted resources, data analytics and practical tools today. The letter explains the categories of people from whom the employee can seek independent legal advice and tells the employee what will happen next. The letter is entitled “Without Prejudice” and this heading should be used in all correspondence relating to a settlement agreement to avoid disclosure of negotiations and discussions if negotiations fail prior to the signing of the agreement. This prevents the use of correspondence in subsequent legal proceedings. You can reach me for an interview by calling (555) -555-5555. Also, for example, for the cover letter of payroll workers, take a look at our example of the cv of payroll workers. Once you have subscribed to the corresponding set of documents, click on the “Download Document” button below. You will be asked what you want to do with the file.

We recommend that you save the document in the location of your choice before viewing it. Your browser does not allow the automatic addition of bookmarks. Please press Ctrl/Command+D to manually bookmark. I have an in-depth knowledge of computer programs that include experience with MS Office, databases and word processing programs. I have strong communication and interpersonal skills and enjoy working in the community helping residents identify their needs and then helping them find the right services. I have a bachelor`s degree in social services and two years of experience as a social worker, where I gained knowledge about education, training and other programs in the community. This information makes it possible to bring residents together with the best services according to their individual needs. I am a great addition to this work and hope to meet with you soon to discuss this position in more detail. This letter, which accompanies a settlement agreement, is in open format. Enter the required details in the marked fields or adjust the label according to your needs.